The Legends of Dobrogea

The richness and diversity of the intangible heritage of Dobrogea tend to be lost gradually, in the context of the depopulation of the region, the aging of the population and the decrease of the general interest of young people in traditions and customs. The revaluation and reinsertion of intangible heritage into the life of human communities and individuals, especially the young generations, but also the valorization of intangible heritage and ethnic diversity thus become major objectives of cultural policies. In this context, the “Legends of Dobrogea” project will contribute to the creation of the necessary conditions for the promotion of the Dobrogean multi-ethnic and multicultural vein among the general public through artistic means.

Having as a starting point the extremely generous documentary material of the “Stories of the Black Sea” trilogy belonging to the historian and publicist from Constanta, Cristian Cealera, the project will create 20 inter-ethnic radio theater performances in which direct references will be made to the traditions and the customs of the most important ethnic groups that live alongside the Romanians on the territory of Dobrogea. The performances will be broadcast on a regional radio station and uploaded to a dedicated podcast. In order to get familiar with the specifics of radio theater, the actors who will play the roles in the 20 shows will participate beforehand in the non-formal training course “Acting in radio theater”, with two training modules: “Vocal technique for character definition in radio theater “, respectively “Printing technique for the radio theater”.

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