Legends of Dobrogea – the course “Acting in Radio Theater” has started

Friday, March 17, 2023, as part of the “Legends of Dobrogei” project, the non-formal training course “Acting in radio theater” began, with the 10 actors selected following the casting: Dana Enache, Laura Iordan, Luiza Martinescu, Denisa Iova, Iulian Enache, Dan Cojocaru, Marian Adochiței, Andrei Bibire, Theodor Șoptelea, Roberto Savu.

The course aims to familiarize the actors with the specific techniques of artistic interpretation intended for print and radio broadcasting and will initiate the 10 actors in a qualification complementary to the usual activity. Indirectly, students will discover their palette of using their own voice, in terms of modulating vocal tones and developing the ability to outline different characters.

The course will be held daily, until Tuesday, March 21, 2023, in two training modules: Module M.1 – Printing technique for radio theater, supported by professor Radu Dinulescu and Module M.2 – Vocal technique for defining characters in radio theater, supported by Professor Constantin Tache Florescu.


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