“Legends of Dobrogea”, at the end. Thank you!

“Legends of Dobrogea”: 12 months of hard work.

“Legends of Dobrogea”: 20 radio theater performances about the wonders of the land between the Danube and the Black Sea.

“Legends of Dobrogea”: 900 minutes of artistic production, respectively 5,400 minutes (90 hours) of radio broadcast.

“Legendele Dobrogei”: audience over 100,000 listeners at Radio Constanța (100.1 FM) and Play Radio (91.6 FM).

“Legends of Dobrogea”: a team – 1 writer, 5 screenwriters, 5 directors, 2 composers and 10 actors who united their talent to create a unique artistic work.

“Legends of Dobrogea”: over 1 million people informed through the communication campaign.

“Legends of Dobrogea”: a contribution to the diversification of the regional cultural offer by encouraging contemporary creative practices as complementary methods of promoting cultural heritage.

“Legends of Dobrogea”, at the end. Thank you!

This project is financed with the support of EEA Grants 2014 – 2021 within the RO-CULTURE Programme.

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