Asociația Cultural – Artistică „Vulturii Carpaților”

Asociația Cultural – Artistică „Vulturii Carpaților” represents the most prestigious concentration of professional stuntmen in Romania and managed to find the perfect balance between the educational and entertainment show through the organized historical reenactment events. Spectators experience the battle moments presented with emotion, feeling the adrenaline in the battle scenes, in the gallop of the horses, in the clatter of swords, applauding the pyrotechnic effects and the cannon volleys, admiring the actors’ play and being constantly connected to the tension of the action. Based on scenarios inspired by historical facts related in the writings of the respective eras, enjoying the extraordinary participation of some reference names of the current Romanian scene (Maia Morgenstern, Ion Besoiu, Claudiu Bleonț, Carmen Tănase, Maria Buză, Eugenia Șerban, Vlad Rădescu, Geo Dobre, Gelu Nițu, Cristina Cioran, Vasile Calofir, Costantin Florescu, Vlad Mirita, Flaviu Crișan, etc.), having the artistic support provided by dozens of professional stuntmen, horses specially prepared and trained for battle scenes and equestrian stunts, musicians, acrobatic artists , costumes, sets and props specific to the re-created event, period weapons, cannons, catapults, Roman chariots, etc., pyrotechnicians / special effects and hundreds of extras, the “live historical films” organized by our association offered real artistic history lessons for tens of thousands of spectators from all over the country. Since its establishment, the organization has implemented 12 cultural projects, worth a total of 3,455,000 RON: “Mihai Viteazul”, “Ștefan cel Mare”, “Vlad Țepes”, “Dacians and Romans”, “Iancu Jianu – Outlaws”, ” Mysteries of the Outlaws”, “Knights (tournament)”, “The Seal of Rome in Argeș”, “Carmina Burana”, “Ramses II”, “Ovidius’ Exile at the Euxine Pontus”, “The Great Union” are shows that they delighted spectators from Suceava, Craiova, Târgoviște, Timișoara, Hunedoara, Sighisoara, Câmpulung, Râșnov, Alba Iulia, Constanța, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest.