Concordia Oslo

“Concordia” means solidarity, unity, harmony and understanding. The objective of the association is to contribute to the promotion of these values through cultural activities. For the „Concordia Oslo” Association, culture represents a heritage that is transmitted through music, literature, visual arts, dance and theater, as well as architecture, language, gastronomy, history and traditions. The founders strongly believe that the enjoyment of cultural practices can create strong bonds between people and generate intellectual progress through understanding, knowledge, inclusion and integration. The intention of the association is to organize and participate in concerts, shows, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, courses, workshops, festivals and consulting services in the cultural field, for this purpose collaborating with other associations with the same objectives. Concordia Oslo aims to achieve a close connection between the Romanian and Norwegian communities, but also between Romania and the Romanian community in the Kingdom of Norway, through intercultural exchanges that contribute to the sharing of Romanian traditions and customs, of common history, to the preservation of the idea of conscience belonging to the nation and tradition.