Show no. 1. The Sultan’s dream at Babadag

Show no. 2. The Well of Medicine from the Măcinului Mountains

Show no. 3. The legend of Ciocârlia commune

Show no. 4. Treasure from Nameless Island – Lake Tașaul

Show no. 5. The Forest of Death from Almalău

Show no. 6. Ovidiu’s island

Show no. 7. Saint Foca and the Muslims

Show no. 8. Cap Caliacra – the legend of the pirate Ac Baba

Show no. 9. Mount of Happiness from Tatlageac

Show no. 10. Sarichioi and the Legend of the Vine

Show no. 11. Soleiman the Magnificent and the Kustenge Treasure

Show no. 12. The drunkard’s head and the wounded deer

Show no. 13. The Kneeling Oak from Caraorman

Show no. 14. Samca Samodiva, the Spirit of the Sun’s Peace

Show no. 15. Ronciu and Beautiful Aișe – Anadolchioi

Show no. 16 – Village of Topal the Lame

Show no. 17. The Monk Liinad and the Dervish

Show no. 18. The Legend of the Great White Wolf

Show no. 19. The legend of Lake Tuzla

Show no. 20. Forest of Brides and Beautiful Ant